Pattern Corrections

Knit Issue 1

1950's V-neck Sweater (page 65 )
Shape Right Armhole - should be [WS] - not [RS]

Men's Ribbed Raglan Sweater (page 73)
Shape right neck and raglan [RS]
........rejoin yarn to rem 19(19,19,19) sts - not 19(21,23,25) sts

Shawl Collar cardigan & Coat (page 76 )
Right Front
Shape Armhole [WS] - replace "knit to end" with "Work to end".

Ultra Vest (page 80)
Description has versions reversed. Both versions are the same length.
FRONT Version 2 Only
Begin texture patt
Row 2 -after "sl1 purlwise" add yb before "K1"
Row 4 - after "sl1 knitwise" add yf before "P3"
Row 18 -after "sl1 purlwise" add yb before "K3"

Page 80 - photograph should be version 1
Page 81 - photograph should be version 2

V-neck vest (page 82)
Yarn used is Alpaca Silk Georgette

Page 83
Left column 14th row down, replace 60(64,68,72) v-neck shaping rows, with 70(74,78,82).

Round 1 (RS) .....
....K2tog, K centre st, K2tog... should be K2tog tbl, K centre st, K2tog